Common Dreams

Here are some common dreams that many people around the word dream about with some brief explanations:

Dreams of Heights: Dreams of being in high places can represent feelings of insecurity, lack of control, or fear of failure in your waking life. You may feel like you are on shaky ground or that things are unstable. The view from the height can symbolize a desire for perspective or a need for clarity. Falling from a height in a dream indicates a fear of losing control or making mistakes.

Chase Dreams: Being chased in a dream indicates feelings of anxiety, pressure or that you are avoiding dealing with an issue in your life. The chaser could represent a problem, fear or person that you are trying to escape from. The setting of the chase provides clues to the source of your anxiety – a dark alley may indicate an unknown fear while a familiar place suggests known worries.

Ear Dreams: Ear dreams suggest a desire to listen, hear or understand something better. Blocked ears could mean you are avoiding hearing an uncomfortable truth while clean ears may indicate a wish to gain clarity or insight. Ear dreams are often about being more receptive and tuning into important messages or cues around you.

Flying Dreams: Flying dreams are typically positive and represent freedom, joy, control and liberation. You may feel unburdened, light or carefree in the dream. Flying with effort indicates struggles or challenges while flying with ease suggests confidence and self-assurance. Flying dreams are often a welcome escape from earthly constraints.

Old Friend Dreams: Dreaming about old friends suggests a desire to reconnect with your past, remember happier times or revisit old chapters of your life story. The context is important – happy reunions indicate nostalgia while arguments signify unresolved issues. Old friend dreams can motivate you to nourish existing relationships or remind you of the importance of friendship in your life.

Falling in Dreams: Falling dreams are among the most common types of dreams and often represent feelings of losing control, failure, anxiety or fear. Falling from a height indicates a greater sense of danger or risk while falling asleep suggests missing an opportunity. Falling dreams tend to reflect insecurities and worries that we have in our daily lives.

Teeth Dreams: Teeth dreams are a sign of insecurity about one’s attractiveness, aging or vitality. Losing teeth indicates a fear of declining abilities while brushing teeth suggests a desire for improvement. Teeth dreams are often about a wish to maintain youth, health and a positive self-image as we grow older.

Ring Dreams: Ring dreams represent commitment, promises, loyalty and belonging. Wedding rings symbolize marriage and fidelity while other rings indicate membership to a group. Finding a ring suggests a new commitment while losing one indicates a broken vow. Ring dreams often highlight the importance of keeping promises and honoring one’s commitments in life.

Mobile Phone Dreams: Mobile phone dreams indicate a need for communication, connection and access to information. Losing your phone may suggest a fear of being isolated or out of the loop while answering or using your phone properly indicates you feel in control of communication in your life. Phone dreams are often about your relationships and level of connectedness with the world.

Exam Dreams: Exam dreams indicate feelings of unpreparedness, anxiety about being tested or a lack of confidence in one’s knowledge and skills. The subject of the exam provides clues to the area of your life that you feel unsure about. Exam dreams are common for students and often reflect a need for more study, preparation or practice in an important area of life.